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AQRT Main Center

In 2007 several acres of land in Nassau, upstate NY, were donated to the Tariqa. This generous gift prompted our relocation from California, where we had been established since the early 1990's, and had worked, prayed and celebrated without a building dedicated to our Sufi service.

Plans were drafted for the main AQRT center to be built, with features designed to promote environmental sustainability, a place for international murids and seekers to visit and learn, and space for the civic community at large to utilize upon request. Construction began in 2013, paid for entirely by contributions from members and friends of the international AQRT Centers.  The Main Center was opened in September 2014. There remain several unfinished areas and projects to promote optimal usability.

The buiding includes living quarters for Shaykh Taner and Shaykha Muzeyyen, a large open space for zikrs and community events, a commercial-grade kitchen, and accessible bathrooms and shower for guests. We have several thriving beehives that produce dozens of pounds of honey and contribute to the general pollination of flora in the area, a community vegetable garden, and plans for a community orchard.

In 2015 the road to the Center was paved, and a public parking area in 2016. Accomodations for guests to the dergah are continually undergoing refinement. These projects, as well as routine maintenance, require funds. The AQRT very gratefully accepts donations to help in our efforts to build a community that serves all. Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa International facebook link

AQRT main Center being built AQRT main Center completedAQRT Main Dergah, Nassau, NY
AQRT office workers
international AQRT members at main center
community Thanksgiving dinner at AQRT main center
vegetable garden at AQRT main center
informal sohbet with Shaykh Taner at AQRT main center
zikr at AQRT main center
sunset view from the AQRT main center
Eid celebration at the AQRT main center
murid beekeeper at the AQRT main center
murid working at the AQRT main centerShaykh Taner and Shaykha Muzeyyen with visiting murid workers from South Africa at the AQRT main center
murid mowing the grass at the AQRT main centerclearing the meadow and orchard area at the AQRT main center
murid visiting worker at the AQRT main center

The AQRT Center hosts regular zikrs, sohbets and celebrations of many religious holidays. AQRT is also very involved with the local Nassau community, with participation in a community garden, Hudson Valley-Berkshires Interfaith Group, and local community events.  AQRT hosts weekly Sunday potluck dinners for fellowship among murids and members of the local community, as well as an annual community Thanksgiving potluck dinner.

Zikrs are generally held on Friday nights. Please call in advance for time and for more information about our other activities. (518) 766-0135 or

Summer Workers Welcome!

There is always work to be done at the Center, and time spent with Shaykh Taner and Shaykha Muzeyyen is a spiritually enriching experience, as witnessed by both our local and international visitors. Shaykh Taner and Shaykha Muzeyyen are generally in residence in June and July. Summer visitors to the Center are encouraged to spend a week or more working on a variety of projects under Shaykh Taner's instruction and direction. Please contact Amina Jappie at for arrangements.

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AQRT Western Massachusetts

The Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa Center of Western Mass, under the guidance of Shaykh Taner Ansari, offers both traditional Sufi zikr and a casual Sufi study group.

In Sufi zikr we praise the Divine by chanting the Divine Names and singing ilahis, Sufi love songs, accompanied by drumming. This lasts about 1-1 1/2 hours, followed by time for reflection, sharing and questions. In Sufi Study Group, we join together over tea and spend time reading and discussing classic Sufi texts, the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, Sufi poetry and stories. Questions often arise from these readings and are encouraged.

AQRT Western Mass members and friendsAQRT Western Mass members and friends

Zikr is offered the 2nd Saturday of every month at 7:30pm at the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa Center of Western Mass.

Sufi Study group is the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at 11:00am at a local tea house. All are welcome and all paths are honored and encouraged to participate.

Look for more details on Meet Up, Facebook or contact us via email or phone:, (413) 297-4907.

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AQRT Sacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills

Please join us for monthly traditional Sufi zikr practice at the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Center, Chico, CA. We also celebrate Islamic holy days with special prayers and zikrs, as well as the urs of departed Sufi masters.

All are welcome!

When: 3rd Sunday of the month
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Email: for more information and location.

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AQRT center in Chico, CAAQRT Center in Chico, CA